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Pornhub Amateur Program!

2 years ago

~による: Katie

Do YOU want to make money with Pornhub? Now you can! Sign up to our Amateur Program and upload your homemade sex tapes to earn up to $5,000 for a month's work!

How do I join?

All you need to do is sign up for a FREE Pornhub account and get verified by the Pornhub Admins. To qualify for payment you will also need to submit two pieces of valid Government issued ID for you and performers in your videos through our secure and private system.

How does it work?

Once you've successfully joined our Amateur Program all you need to do is get out your video camera or webcam and show the world how sexy you are by uploading your videos to Pornhub! You'll be paid a portion of the ad revenue made from featured videos you upload after you joined the program. The better the video does on Pornhub, the more you will get paid.

Join our Amateur Program!

I can't wait to see all your AMAZING videos!


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2 years ago
join! :)
1 month ago
I did I thought....
3 months ago
Hi sexy
2 years ago
Awesome! 8D
1 year ago
nice i would like to see more
2 years ago
How many "hits" do you have to receive to get paid? whats the average?
2 years ago
I have plenty of vid to upload, just waiting to get verified!
2 years ago
not much on the gay side of pornhub select i noticed
4 months ago
Check out my husband's hot solo vids on our profile!  Also some vids of me pegging his ass too!  He also does custom vids and plays on Skype as well!
2 years ago
Juicyboys is our premium offering for gay content. Click on Premium HD in the menu on the gay category, you get taken to Juicy Boys. As for Select, there simply isn't enough gay HD videos yet, once we have enough we'll add the gay category. I don't see how it's related to this blog post though.
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