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I honestly hate when I see pictures that "women" post and the pictures arent even of them.. My father is a PI and I always use his computer for school and when I reverse look up photos to scan the entire internet database I always see multiples everywhere of different people posting the same photo yet its not even them.. I find this disgusting. Are you really ashamed of your body that you fool men/women into thinking that your ass/pussy/titts looks as what you posted when its not? Come on. Men already have it tough in this world believing us women and trusting us women yet some of you people make them drool over an image that isnt even of you? I find that pathetic.

To all men on this site I apologize that you have to be caught up in some lies fantasizing about someone whom isnt even real.

To all women on this site I apologize for all men whom are doing the same.

I got caught up in a friendly relationship with a woman on here names Brittany and she was a catfish. Which means her photos werent even of her.

Please, don't do the same towards someone else. Its childish. If you don't want to show the world YOUR body. Delete your account.
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Jerry Springer kinda day/night

I got floated to a diff floor. What a useless piece of crap one of the nurses was. Doesn't want to help with anything...2 times ask for help with a person who's heavy... said no I am busy. Pft and she's sitting there on her ass. I am sure If I waived a bag of Doritos infront of her face she'd come running. Then complains about her back...said I should got someone else. Bitch pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee what does your badge say, do your job or be another pig in the mud. As you ham in the oven. Dead and useless. Be a damn secretary then. I hurt my back every day lifting people but you know what I deal. So glad I am off 3 days although Thursday shall be miserable. Wisdom teeth n two back teeth being removed....ouch :( Just let that lady I worked with stand by my side I'd love to strangle as each one is being pulled. Ok venting over...oh..and after surgery in about a week I will be doing some new pics. I know it's been a while. So keep an eye out sometime then. Thank ya for listening....or know :)
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