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EXCLUSIVE: Tila Tequila Does Hardcore for The First Time!

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差出人::  officialvivid - 272 動画  6105
ポルノスター:  Tila Tequila +
ポルノスターを知っていますか?動画に登場している俳優を教えてください。そうすればお気に入りのポルノスターが出演している動画を簡単に見つけることができるし、 Pornhub ももっと良いサイトになることができます。
Added on: 3 months ago
Featured on: 3 months ago
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  • MickeyMain 3 months ago
    Dude needs to shut up.
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  • ballslap 2 months ago
    Bitch looks like an alien
    Guy is annoying as fuk
    Video ends like some terrifying found-footage horror shit
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すべてのコメント (121)
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  • gettinlonely 2 months ago
    You can actually see her breast augmentation scars!
    Poor girl was butchered!
  • dolomite29 3 months ago
    tila is higher than a doctor bill
  • noxus1 3 months ago
    Yes! Ive been waiting for Tila hardcore since the days of myspace.
  • amyjn 3 months ago
    shes great
  • 認証済み会員
    rvnhlmtyrnt 3 months ago
    The full version is even more a disappointment, the guy talks even more and she takes these little lip stick and makeup touch up breaks, at least 5 of them.
  • 認証済み会員
    Increazon 3 months ago
    a little of anal is hardcore? i'm dissapointed
  • 認証済み会員
    AzureEyes 3 months ago
    I don't care what she does, seeing her lightens up my life...but seeing her get fucked is even better. Only thing that would be better is me doing the fucking.
  • omarzia31-01-2011 3 months ago
    0 yeah
  • alann333 3 months ago
    Would be pretty great if doing at least one porn became mandatory for all female celebrities, like joining the military in Switzerland. If Emma Watson did a pov blowjob/anal dirtytalk scene you'd have giant 100 story complexes built with nothing but stacked cubicles like in the matrix where you just have a toilet, computer, cot and food tucked through the door and millions of men spend the rest of their lives happily jacking off to that one scene over and over again and die with a smile at 95..
  • asimons81 3 months ago
    That's one craaaaaazy bitch.
  • Tysen 3 months ago
  • sirsukalot1983 3 months ago
    She high as FCK Lol
  • 認証済み会員
    miamianmama 3 months ago
    Why does he talk so fucking much? Annoying.
  • Xtreme-niger-cwack 3 months ago
  • muchu11 3 months ago
    she just cum now lol
  • lilvince313 3 months ago
  • JonnyLawless 3 months ago
    Pretty hot. Dude does talk too much but her pussy is perfect.
  • Atomsk1 3 months ago
    LOL this nigga sound EXACTLY like Stevie from Eastbound & Down
  • Srpnt 3 months ago
    that guy has a boner-killer voice, he ruined it
  • project_alice 3 months ago
    This Movie is the perfect example for bad porn.
    - creepy dude talking all the time
    - wasted girl saying 'i love you'
    - one single position
    - Tila Tequila.
    • project_alice 3 months ago
      that's what I meant with 'creepy dude talking all the time'
    • CockneyRockey894 3 months ago
      Tila's not the problem, the dude is. Tila gave a decent BJ & took the dick well but you have him saying: "On a scale of one to ten, how sexy is my sex?", "I want your fuckface to look like that?", etc. That guy ruined it by running his mouth the whole time.
  • mrass2k14 3 months ago
    Where's the anal part
  • 認証済み会員
    turtles 3 months ago
    Welcome to the CLUB Tila
  • spideysweb 3 months ago
    she always was a whore edblunt
  • klanky 3 months ago
    lmfaooo yo this jackass tho... he killed what could have been a nice ass porno with his fucking mouth... shut up mang!!!.... but then again if you watch it on mute .... it seems more accurate lel
  • christheloverboy 3 months ago
    Am I only only one that laughed at the ending?
    • Valleyfan420 3 months ago
      it's like for all we know she died and they ended the tape.
  • joe_fridaynight 3 months ago
    i'm just embarrassed for this guy. I'm sure he feels like hot shit - that's what sex does to everyone! but c'mon - shut the fuck up - she's clearly not enjoying your insane inner monologue.
  • 認証済み会員
    Sextits 3 months ago
    I liked it.
  • cisko 3 months ago
  • katsomehlo 3 months ago
    this guy is seriously fuckin lame. "How sexy do you think my sex is" FOH
  • 認証済み会員
    dude600 3 months ago
    she should fuck James dean.
  • TheDark_Knight 3 months ago
    Well. She loves him.
  • 認証済み会員
    oiladdict 3 months ago
    what a surprise..a whore gets fucked like one.
  • keller47 3 months ago
    that is one lucky man
  • PAPIRIKI2K 3 months ago
    wow...I guess she ran out of "celeb" cash..this would had be so much better if his would just shut his mouth
  • Barrone 3 months ago
    Wow she's definitely Hottt Sex Slut...Mmmm...:)
  • goonerman 3 months ago
    cant even get off on this:/ the dudes breathing is such a bonner kill!!! well i guess shes fucking him insted of him fucking her lol
  • Jonnn1231 3 months ago
    "are u cumming...? this time for real?" No bitch I'm just silently moaning
    fucking dumbass!
  • 認証済み会員
    selena22 3 months ago
    • 認証済み会員
      lynchbyinch24 3 months ago
      i agree i seen one of your videos .your headgame is off the chain lol and your sexy i would love to try you out
    • hotfun75 3 months ago
      i d rather fuck you... i m sure you are better than her
    • Pornhub スタッフ
      brettg 3 months ago
      lol yeah
    • 認証済み会員
      selena22 3 months ago
      the guy was hilarious
    • Pornhub スタッフ
      brettg 3 months ago
      you love it!
  • 認証済み会員
    surfer1985 3 months ago
    This is why I try not to talk in my videos lol
  • MickeyMain 3 months ago
    Dude needs to shut up.
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